Collectable Locations in GTA V

Sometimes you need a break from mowing down pedestrians or shooting up downtown Los Santos in Grand Theft Auto V. That’s the perfect opportunity to take some time out and work toward 100% completion.

To get there, you’ll need to find GTA V’s many collectables, so here’s our guide to rooting them out.

Letter Scrap Locations

There are 50 letter scrap locations in GTA V, which you can begin collecting after you finish the mission Repossession. You’ll find these glowing letters on the ground, and the sound of loose papers rustling on the wind will clue you into their location.

After collecting every letter scrap, players will uncover the truth of Leonora Johnson’s murder, which will open up the A Starlet in Vinewood mission. You’ll need to swap to Franklin to start the mission.

Stunt Jump Locations

There are 50 stunt jump locations in GTA V, which you can discover right from the start of the game. There’s a good chance you’ll have already completed a few in the course of other (sometimes literal) pursuits.

Each stunt jump will let you know the success parameters if you fail, and each time you complete a stunt jump, the game will tell you how many remain. There are a couple of milestone paint job rewards for stunt jumps, but the only real reward is the achievement and the satisfaction of getting them done.

Spaceship Part Locations

You’re ready to collect GTA V’s spaceship parts after you meet with UFO-obsessed hippie Omega as part of the mission Far Out.

Spaceship parts can be almost anywhere, so you’ll need access to a variety of transportation methods to reach them. Each one hums quietly and resembles someone’s way-too-hipster PC case.

Finding all 50 parts will open up the mission The Final Frontier for Franklin, which will hand you the keys to the Space Docker vehicle—though it’s not nearly as space-worthy as it sounds.

Playing Card Locations

GTA V’s playing cards are only available in GTA Online, so hop over to the online mode before you start. Unsurprisingly, there are 54 of these to collect.

These playing cards can be a little hard to spot, so watch out for the glow they give off. You’ll find them on various surfaces across San Andreas, both indoors and outdoors.

After you collect all 54, you’ll receive RP, along with chips at various milestones, which you can use in the Diamond Casino & Resort. You’ll also unlock the High Roller outfit and some new gambling-related trinkets for the Master Penthouse. You’ll also unlock a free Cardenas Poncho in Red Dead Online.

Signal Jammer Locations

Signal Jammers were also added as part of the Diamond Casino Heist patch that introduced the Playing Card collectables. 50 Signal Jammer locations appeared across San Andreas, usually located on the sides of buildings.

To “collect” a Signal Jammer, you’ll need to destroy it. Each time you destroy a jammer, you’ll receive 1,000 RP and $2,000. Destroying all 50 will net you an extra $50,000 and unlock Avi Schwartzman for your support crew.