A Breath of the Wild Player Found An Incredibly Easy Way To Catch Fish

Even though there isn’t a fishing pole in Breath of the Wild, this method might be the next best thing.

Breath of the Wild might be my favorite game of all time. Yet, it was missing a crucial element that I believe could have really expanded on the masterpiece: fishing. Well, it might not be exactly fishing, but a player discovered an incredibly easy way to catch some fish.

Over on the Breath of the Wild subreddit, u/charlieboy95 posted “TIL you can catch fish much faster by whistling in BoTW.” They attached a video of Link whistling next to bodies of water, causing fish to swim and beach themselves on the shoreline making it easy for the player to run and snatch them up. You can take a look at the video for your self below.

TIL you can catch fish much faster by whistling in BoTW from r/Breath_of_the_Wild

The poster did mention in the comments that the action must be done by the ocean of some rivers and that the banks of some lakes are too high for the fish to reach.

Whenever I think I have seen it all from this game, something else pops back up that surprises me. I think fishing would have been the perfect addition to the game. Imagine just relaxing at the edge of a cliff overlooking a lake and the rest of Hyrule with a pole in the water, ready to catch some upgraded fish to cook up. It would have been a perfect way to unwind in the game, but I think this will have to do for now.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is currently available for the Wii U and Nintendo Switch. I would recommend the game to literally anybody. If I can’t sell you on the game, maybe DualShockers’ official perfect score will.